The monkey - the symbol of 2016

Петух в год Обезьяны 2016, предсказание



As year of the Cat is a turning point for Rooster, new cycle starts from the Dragon. According to the structural horoscope, the fifth step – the year of the Monkey – for Rooster is easy. That is always true for logicians: for them mysticism is as a calm sea with friendly wind. Definitely, it is time to take a breath and relax. Take it easy and drop the reins. Wind blows in a… anticipating sails. Anchors away!

Roosters are cosmists; they can soundly and far soar as it is. So, prophetic dreams for them are natural and familiar experience.

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ГОД ОБЕЗЬЯНЫ (2016) для СОБАКИ, прогноз



As Rooster pecks Dog to death, cycle starts from year of the Dog. What a coincidence!

Year of the Monkey is the eleventh step of the cycle for Dogs.  

Time is up. You can take a rest, you can work, but you cannot change anything. All you can do is to wait for the next year and winds that it will bring. In the meantime – dead calm, fatigue and apathy. According to the structural horoscope it is particularly dangerous to pop out of the shadows. Because the karma is right under your very nose.

At least have a look at prophetic dreams... however, fatalists are not very interested in them.

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ГОД ОБЕЗЬЯНЫ (2016) для КАБАНА, предсказание



Since Horse tramples Pig, the cycle starts from the next year, from year of the Goat. Monkey is the second step of the cycle.

It is necessary to get nose dirty and work to overcome difficulties. And they will - that is what Ostap Bender taught us. If not ... you are not idlers, are you?

According to the structural horoscope, Pigs are the best prophesiers. Therefore, they will particularly effectively perceive prophetic dreams that are broadcasted to the entire planet. For them it is a living source: there are people, who can dip prophecies out of this prophetic aether.

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год Обезьяны 2016 для Крысы: предсказание



According to the structural horoscope, year of the Monkey is karmic for Rat. It is sounds natural for a fatal sign. Who cares for karma? That is just another little karma... In any case you won't be able to avoid it – a man can die but once. Take your clean clothes on and quietly go to the bottom ... I mean, to come up, first of all you need to dive in, isn’t it? The High Court is not a simpleton by the way, it won't eat Rat...

Besides, a new cycle is on its way. Hooray! Hooray!

In a point of fact, why would you twitch under the fire of karma? Now your vector host is especially strong, you may want to wait. Repentance and mercy pacify human heart...

Moreover, if not for the karma magic, than Rat see year of the Monkey as easy as old Tilly... Ah, they wish to dream, to wander distant shores, lagoons with precious pearls – it's time... they would have shown how they can to dispose of the treasures... Nevertheless, never mind, they will emerge and there will be icing with glamor.

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Бык в год Обезьяны 2016, предсказание



Career of Ox is carried from Pig, because it is gnawed by year of the Dog. According to structural horoscope year of the Monkey is the tenth career move. It would be good to let things take their course, why do you even care? The best time is over: it is night of the cycle.

Want to dream? Why not? Want to catch the rhythm of history? They definitely can: it is for them. But all of this will happen when we will get thorough the karma...

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ГОД ОБЕЗЬЯНЫ (2016) для ТИГРА, прогноз



Ox gores and breaks Tiger, so the cycle starts from Tiger. It is possible: that is what Rooster do with Dog.

Now is the Year of the Monkey, the seventh step in the structural horoscope. The equator is passed, it is time to take a breath and withdraw into the shadows for some time. And not to take publicity moves or a feast for the whole world.

However, the balance between power and acceleration is perfect, which is a vast expanse for activity for irrepressible Tigers. By the way, Tigers like prophetic dreams. Carefully listen to what they tell us about the Astral Plane. But draw your own conclusions...

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ГОД ОБЕЗЬЯНЫ (2016) для КОТА, предсказание



Year of the Dragon is like March for Cat, so the cycle starts from year of the Snake. Year of the Monkey is fourth step of Cat's career.

The great thing should already be widely promoted; it's time to sweat guts out. The moment is ideal for hard work, although generally it can make Cat inactive - because it is hard.

Special foresight and desire to understand the prophetic dreams of history are not typical for Cats: they are very realistic.

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Дракон в год Обезьяны 2016, предсказание



Since according to Kvasha structural horoscope, year of the Pig is karmic for Dragon, the count starts from year of the Rat.

BY year of the Monkey Dragons completed eight stages and night of the cycle is close... Those, who are not played out on the road, can start the main and decisive battle. What is more, they can start with maximum publicity. And keep this festivity all year round. Do not worry: you will naturally attract people's attention and steal a way into their hearts. Important: do not run away from people, open yourself up.

After all, the world loves you! So, present yourself to the world in all your glory.

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Змея в год Обезьяны: прогноз на 2016



The second hero endowed with magic is Snake.

They not only start the year of magical mayhem. But they are also freshly regenerated - Snakes just sloughed their karmic skin off and began their career path in time. Pure magic of newborn hotspur.

The turning point for Snake was the Year of the Goat (2015) which is literally just... According to the structural horoscope, Snake starts its cycle from year of the Monkey (2016).

The first year of the cycle... Wow! It's a long road! While karma was so dark... And now, just overnight – a fortuitous dashing springboard of overindulgence. Ready! Steady! Jump!

Breath-taking combination of years for Snakes - antikarmic year (year of the Monkey) comes immediately after the karmic one (year of the Goat). This arrangement fundamentally makes Snake the fastest sign on the structural horoscope. In fact, Snakes have no time to pick up speed, they shall jump at once!

Moreover, year of the Monkey is a year of prophetic dreams, time to introduce prospects for the entire 12-year cycle. And even more... Well, Snakes, master prophetic mystical horizons... It is as easy as nothing for you! Even if the year wasn't antikarmic one, it still would have felt effortless.

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ГОД ОБЕЗЬЯНЫ (2016) для ЛОШАДИ предсказание



Horsy beginning of the cycle galloped away a long time ago, new cycle is on its way. But now, in the Year of the Monkey, Rat is blocked. This magic allows the horse to slip past all prohibitions of fate and finally bite more than one can chew. If there are any. That is how the year called: without a master. However, you don't want "the lights are on, but nobody's home" situation.

What is better: to relax in complacency or to flutter in blue creative ecstasy? It is for you to decide.

In general, it is Great Disobedience Festival for Horses. For example, if God didn't give you talent to make money or build a career, it is possible during this year. However, to use impermissible means to tempt fate. And, therefore, expose yourself to the punishment (loss of money or scrapped career). Prudence doesn't hurt, it is necessary to keep your eyes open for fear of jumping too far.

Why? Besides mandatory for all signs instructions, Horses have an additional reason to be careful. That is, if year of the Monkey wasn't their magical year, Horses actually would have to withdraw into deep shadows.
Therefore, it is desirable to jump at least twice high, but it is required to prepare a twicely safe bridgehead.

Dreaming in a year of prophetic dreams is not harmful, especially for Horses.

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ГОД ОБЕЗЬЯНЫ (2016) для КОЗЫ предсказание

YEAR OF THE MONKEY (2016) for GOAT/Sheep


Goat starts cycle from the year of the Cat, because Tiger breaks its back. In the Year of the Monkey it is time for Goat to set to strenuous work. This is the sixth career step in time, and it is all about work and requires a real effort. "Movement against the wind" lies ahead, and, as students say, it blows in both directions: toward school and toward home. Yes, it is a difficult year, as all mystical years to realists. But where is the magic?

It is in the fact that the servants fled the house. It is antikarmic year for Snakes, they celebrate magical mayhem. Here, as always: it is more difficult for those, who are not accustomed to be on its own. But, in any case, you will become a magician even if you do not want to. For those of Goats, who are well settled, lack of servants is not a problem: they will learn how to fly.

This combination of characteristics: a difficult year and a new runway. Or a roller coaster – as you wish. It is useful to remember that 2016 is a prophetic year, so, do not forget about waking dreams. It is clear that it is difficult for Goats: they are realists.

However, we can give them some advice: Imagine that you are the governor of a prestigious region, and before that, you'd been the president of a great country...

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The third step of the cycle. Revulsion of fortune for Monkey is year of the Snake, so career steps start with year of the Horse. And now it is a title year for Monkeys. They scrutinize characters and listen to the tone of voice. It is like a zoo...

According to the structural horoscope, the year is perfect for a career and advancement. Good for PR actions and self-promotion.

Nevertheless, there is a rotten apple. The paradox of his years is that Snake have a carte blanche. Snake unblushingly larks around, warming after a harsh karma. Taking all its tears out on birthday boy.

Of course, your nominal year will remind your friends about you. Enemies too by the way. How to balance it all? Vector host is ferocious, enjoying an influx of energy; and your servant is in a trance – it cannot but increase the risk and stress. Fate gives a gold luck only to those who passed along the edge. The balance between success and defeat is your very personal miracle.

Anyway, it is a prediction year, so, sleep sensitively and try not to miss your prophetic dream.

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The monkey - the symbol of 2016


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